Theme Demo: Extra Styles

Accessible Zen has some extra CSS styles built in that you can use to help customize your site. They are:

Image Replacement

Class name: ir

What it does: Helps replace text with an image.


Class name: hidden

What it does: Hide from both screen readers and browsers.

Screen Reader Text

Class name: screen-reader-text

What it does: Hide from browsers, but not screen readers.


Class name: invisible

What it does: Hide visually and from screenreaders, but maintain layout.

No List

Class name: nolist

What it does: Create a unordered list or ordered list without bullets or numbers.


Class name: nav

What it does: Create an horizontal list of navigation items, bested used on an unordered list.


Class name: callout

What it does: Create a colored box around content to highlight it. Best used on paragraph or divs.


Class name: cf

What it does: Contain floats.